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Location is mobile’s greatest asset. Use it to your advantage

Increase mobile CPMs

Reveal Mobile’s location-based audience data increases mobile CPMs on all of your ad inventory. Our customers see 200% increases in CPMs, with up to 475% improvements in ad performance.

Drive more app downloads

Tap into Reveal Mobile’s network to find more devices that visit locations where your customers frequent. Reach the ideal audience with a high propensity to download your app.

Retarget your audience

Port your audience data to other sites and networks. Enable your advertisers to reach their target audience beyond your content. Increase your deal size and your street cred.

Plug & play beacon detection

One SDK instantly enables detection of iBeacon, Eddystone, and proprietary Bluetooth signals. With multiple patents and years of development under our belt, we’ve simplified the process of detecting beacons. Save months of your team’s development time...they’ll thank you.

Generate revenue without advertising

Leverage Reveal Mobile’s data partnerships to generate revenue from your apps without any advertising at all.

Build bigger beacon audiences

With over 475 apps nationwide and over 40 million users in our network, instantly expand your beacon-enabled audience and increase the ROI of your beacon deployment.

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The One-Two Punch of Beacons and Lat/Long

It’s not either/or, it’s and. Building location based audiences from beacons and lat/long supercharges campaigns.

Beacons build bigger
audiences than
lat/long alone

While using lat/long to place a device at a location typically requires a person to use an
app while at the location, beacon detection
occurs quietly and passively in the
background. This can double and triple
the size of a retargeting audience.

Campaigns using
beacons and lat/long nearly
double engagement

Combining both targeting tactics, using lat/long
AND beacons for location based mobile audiences,
campaign click-through rates (CTR) jump 93%
over using lat/long alone.

Beacons increase accuracy 10x

Numerous studies show that lat/long coordinates from smartphones are accurate to within 100 meters (a football field) only 32% of the time. 68% it's even worse! Garbage location data in, garbage audience data out. Conversely, beacons are accurate to
within 30 meters 100% of the time. This degree
of accuracy drastically improves the quality
of mobile audience segments.