Going Beyond Couponing With Beacons


Mobile Commerce Daily editor Chantal Tode authored a solid article that summarizes the impact of beacons and coupons. The data from Juniper Research states that retailers will deliver 1.6B beacon-enabled coupons a year by 2020.

Since our mobile audience platform relies upon beacons as a data source to build mobile audience data, we love hearing stats like these. However we also approach these mega-stats with a little bit of caution.

As the article mentions, “redemption rates from coupons delivered via beacons are amongst the highest of any mobile channel”. Every new marketing channel works great until everyone does it, then customers become increasingly go blind to the tactic.  That being said – we are years away from that happening with beacon-powered coupons.

Fortunately there are many other ways for brands, retailers and publishers to take advantage of beacon deployments, going beyond coupons. A few: measuring a consumer’s path, indoor navigation, simplifying the checkout process, and our favorite: building audience data.going

In our completely biased viewpoint, using beacons to build anonymous audience data is how retailers and brands will go beyond coupons. Yes, brands and retailers may already have some audience data about their app users. What about the other 99% of customers that walk through their door that don’t have that specific app?

The opportunity here is for retailers and brands to partner with publishers to expand the size of their measurable foot traffic audience. They accomplish this by working directly with the publisher app (see this very cool case study by ShopAdvisor), a group of apps, or by working with a company like Reveal Mobile that has coverage across a few hundred apps.

The Reveal Mobile SDK sits inside news, weather, and sports apps across the country, detecting beacons everywhere.  We increase the audience size of known visitors to retail locations by the benefit of our distribution. Apply demographics and behaviors to these store visitors, and retailers will have powerful and helpful data on their audience.

We remain excited and optimistic about the rapid adoption of beacon deployments, and all of the opportunities they represent. They get us closer to more connected and more personalized real-world and digital experiences.

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