How Many Beacons Are Out There?

Depending upon which article you read or which tweet you unearth, there is tons of speculation about how many beacons are deployed right now.  There’s also no great resource for understanding which manufacturers deploy those beacons and in what numbers.

We can help.

Since June 2014 we’ve been detecting beacons across the globe, but primarily in the United States.  We do this to build anonymized mobile audience data. Our SDK, embedded in over 80 apps reaching over 2M monthly unique visitors, picks up beacon signals, assuming the user opted in to share location and has bluetooth turned on.

A word of caution first.  The beacon manufacturers will correctly assert they’ve deployed more beacons than our numbers represent.  We haven’t detected them all, and we base our numbers off their default manufacturer UUID.  If the customer changed their beacons’ UUIDs, we can’t automatically tie it back to the manufacturer. Google UUID if you need more clarity on that term.

The total beacons that we have detected, located, and classified thus far in the United States: ~64,000.  Of that, we can verify the manufacturer on ~17,000 beacons, or 26.5% of the “known” beacons.

Here are the top five beacon manufacturers that we can see*:

Estimote 9, 784 beacons, 58.3% share
Kontakt 3,147 beacons, 18.7% share
Roximity 1,636 beacons, 9.7% share
Twocanoes 1,218 beacons, 7.3% share
Radius Networks 1,002 beacons, 6.0% share


Bonus nugget: We’ve discovered 9,304 beacons deployed in Apple retail locations.

In the coming months, we’ll release an interactive map of all discovered beacons.  Subscribe to the blog or sign up for the email newsletter. We’ll let you know when it goes live.

If you’re interested in joining the public beta, read more here and sign up here.

* Not every beacon manufacturer conforms to the iBeacon spec, such as Gimbal.  As of March 2015, we only detect beacons that match the iBeacon protocol, which is why you don’t see Gimbal here.

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