Facebook’s Ingenious Play for Attribution With Beacons

Forgive us harping on what sounds like a trite topic, but you need to hear this. To be clear, we’re talking to every account executive, sales manager, or customer success relationship director out there.  No matter your sales title, Facebook is competing for and winning local ad dollars.

AdAge contributor and Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliott accurately sums up the reason why: “Facebook knows more about its audience than any other media company in history.”  

Now Facebook is making an ingenious play to take even more of your local market’s advertising spend. They’re giving away free beacons.



Facebook gives away free Bluetooth beacons so that retailers and restaurants will place them in their locations. But why? A beacon in a location does two things for advertisers, one of which could be viewed as really helpful or really annoying. The other is absolutely game-changing.  For a refresher on beacons, read this.

Option 1
Proximity marketing. Hyperlocal targeting. Location-based real-time mobile geotargeting. We can probably cram in a few more buzzwords, but the concept is simple.  

As you walk around your neighborhood strip mall, the Facebook app on your phone detects any Facebook beacons nearby. The app sends you polite reminders (i.e. push alerts) that you’re standing outside of TGI Fridays, advertising a free appetizer inside. And since we’re talking about Facebook, they know you’re female, between the ages of 35-44, and post pictures about your food.  Depending upon your tolerance level for mobile ad targeting like this, you’re either delighted or annoyed.  

Option 2
Maybe TGI Fridays decided against real-time-location-aware push notifications. Instead they used Facebook’s custom audience tool to create their perfect audience that matches someone like you. The regional manager purchased and ran those ads for both desktop and mobile users across their 100 nearest locations. You see the ad and decide to claim your discount on your next visit.  As you walk through the door, the Facebook app detects the Facebook beacon tucked away behind the host stand. Silently in the background, Facebook sifts through this data. They verify that you’ve viewed the TGI Fridays ad on your computer and that you showed up one week later, knowing this because you bumped their beacon.  

If you’re the regional manager overseeing 100 restaurant locations, spending money with advertisers that can attribute ads to actual store visits is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  We love this example of mobile-to-store attribution. It highlights how seriously Facebook plans to compete for this market share.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Reveal Mobile helps sales teams level the playing field with Facebook.  Our product helps them to understand their mobile audiences, to build retargeting audiences based upon beacon bumps, and to show mobile-to-store attribution.  

Some of the largest media companies in the United States leverage our nationwide database of classified beacons, or work directly with brands and agencies to install their own beacons.  When salespeople offer innovative and never-before-seen products in a market, advertisers pay attention, especially when it involves attribution.

We’ve built our product from the ground up, working side by side with digital sales teams throughout the process.  Their direct input shapes the features and functionalities you’ll see.

Want to see for yourself?  Click here to request a demo.

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