Reveal Mobile & Unacast Partner to Solve Bluetooth Beacons’ Most Pressing Challenges

Reveal Mobile, the mobile audience insight platform, and Unacast, the number one platform connecting beacons and other proximity sensors to online marketing platforms, at scale, globally, are collaborating.

The partnership helps both brands and advertisers to increase their mobile audience data and to reach more scale to deploy proximity retargeting and attribution based campaigns.

Unacast PROX already includes more than 47 of the worldґs leading Proximity Solution Providers (PSP) in the world. What is unique in this new partnership is how Reveal Mobile addresses one of the largest challenges in todays industry – scale.

As brands, advertisers, and companies deploy beacons at a rapid rate among retailers, one of the main challenges is having an audience size large enough to make a meaningful impact on revenue. Additionally, retail apps are one of the least retained and least frequently used app categories, according to a study by Flurry. This infrequent use limits the ability to collect meaningful audience data over time.

Reveal Mobile collects beacon data directly from technology embedded inside hundreds of frequently used apps across the US. This is where Reveal Mobile and Unacastґs partnership creates a synergistic and new opportunity for proximity retargeting.

Reveal Mobile CEO Brian Handly remarks, “We see over 600K active users per day, which frequent the apps four to five times per day. The audience isn’t one person using a shopping app once every 2 months.” The nearly 300 news and weather apps using the Reveal Mobile SDK reach millions of users every month, detecting over 2.0M Bluetooth beacon signals. From this raw data, Reveal Mobile located and classified over 100,000 beacons since its launch. Many of these beacons can be seen at

We are thrilled to bring Reveal Mobile into the the Unacast PROX network. Their accurate proximity data will now be activated through Unacastґs partnerships with media and advertising platforms. We continue to increase our datasets, helping advertisers to get a scaleable solution for proximty data. With the inclusion of Reveal Mobile’s beacon-powered data, we continue to deliver on this. We enable advertisers to retarget customers at scale based on hyper local proximity data, encouraging their audience to visit their brick-and-mortar or online stores”, said Thomas Walle, Unacast CEO and co-founder.

The ability to connect what customers do offline in the real world to what they do online – combining their physical and digital behaviors – means greater convenience, faster shopping, immersive experiences, more relevant communications and tailored products and offers. Customers increasingly expect real-time customized services and personalized interactions based on their interests through their smartphones, but the logical progression to convergence between physical and digital wasn’t possible at scale until the creation of the Unacast PROX network. This rapidly growing network, now further bolstered by Reveal Mobile, finally unleashes the power of proximity data.

About Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile’s audience analytics platform provides mobile audience and location data to improve product and advertising performance. App publishers using Reveal Mobile’s mobile audience targeting see increases of 175-477% in advertising performance, with corresponding 50-200% increases in advertising revenue. Customers include Sinclair Broadcast Group, WSI – The Professional Services Division of The Weather Company, E.W. Scripps, Graham Media, Capitol Broadcasting Company, DoApp, and Baron Weather.

About Unacast

Unacast is the world’s largest network of beacon and proximity data, connecting the physical world to the digital. Through the Unacast PROX network, we provide a scalable solution for retailers, brands and the marketing industry to use beacon and proximity data for online retargeting and attribution. We call this continued engagement.. Unacast holds best practice in offline data management and privacy guidelines. Unacast never discloses recognizable customer data and partners always retain full control over their own data sets. Visit to learn more, and to sign up to PROX.

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