Hidden Secrets of Beacon Data – The Webinar


While there remains much hype about beacons, there exists very little quantifiable data about beacons. This is unfortunate as the data that beacons facilitate can be of huge value to the brands, retailers, and companies deploying beacons by the tens of thousands. 

Here at Reveal Mobile, we sit on top of the world’s largest source of 1st party beacon data. Our technology sits inside over 400 mobile apps and detects beacons anywhere in the world (but mostly the US). 

For the first time, we’re exposing never-before-seen beacon data. We partner with The LBMA bring you the webinar “Hidden Secrets of Beacon Data” on June 30th at 2pm ET. 

Brands will see examples of the type of audience data generated by placing beacons within retail locations. Which locations are most visited, which other places do customers visit, what other demographics can we learn? What can beacons tell us about Walmart or Target shoppers? What impact do beacons have on increasing audience data, building retargeting audiences, or driving app downloads? 

App publishers will hear advertising use cases leveraging both beacon-derived and location-based audience segments. 

Matthew Davis, VP Marketing, Reveal Mobile
Asif Khan, Founder & President, Location Based Marketing Association

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