Which Industries Deploy The Most Beacons?

Most of the press we read about Bluetooth beacon deployments shares examples pulled from restaurants and retail. We dug into our databases to see if the data backed up the hype.


Over a period of 30 days, we saw that retail and restaurants accounted for 77% of all beacon deployments, and 81% of all beacon activity. Yes, the press does match reality in terms of who is deploying the most beacons today.

Airports and hotels also deploy beacons, and have 8.7% market share now, but only 3.6% of beacon activity. We hypothesize that this is due to frequency, or lack thereof, that mobile audiences make to airports and hotels.

Conversely, we see health and fitness locations deploying only 2.2% of beacons, but receiving 7.2% of all beacon bumps. Perhaps that means we’re going to the gym more often, and on our way to becoming a healthier nation.

As we drill down into the categories further, we see the most data originating from the groups known to deploy more beacons. Shopping malls and electronics stores dominate retail, with restaurants and grocery taking over 62% of beacon market share in Food and Dining. Stadiums and museums account for the majority of beacon deployments in Entertainment.




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