Beacon Growth Forecast Continues to Rise


MediaPost author Chuck Martin posts today that the number of beacons companies will deploy by 2021 will grow to 500,000,000. That’s up 100,000,000 since the last ABI Research estimate.

These beacons will take many forms. They’ll be deployed as stand alone beacons in retail, restaurants, airports, museums, offices, stadiums and more. They’ll be embedded inside WiFi units and LED lighting. They’ll be inside your personal tracking items, like the Tile.

The broader implication that the proliferation of beacons signifies is this coming movement of ubiquitous tracking. While every movement is tracked online, our physical movements throughout the real-world will also be measured. 

Beacons become an excellent tool, one of many, to turn location data into meaningful audience data. They continue their evolution beyond triggering real-time push notifications, into forming the backbone of a network of physical tracking pixels. 

Those who can take advantage of this data, while maintaining the utmost respect, consideration, and privacy of their users, will gain the most. App publishers selling ads within their apps will prove their location-based advertising campaigns outperform their peers. Apps that require highly accurate location in order to serve the right content in the right place will delight their users.

Hold on tight…the next few years in location-based marketing will be incredibly exciting.