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Advertising Competition with Facebook Heats Up

January 19, 2017 by Reveal Mobile

facebook advertising increasesIf you’ve spent any time in local, regional, or national sales in the last few years, there’s a great chance you’ve lost business to Facebook. Sure, you’ve always had competition, but the playing field is no longer level. It’s tilted mightily towards social media. They’ve got the biggest scale and easiest targeting tools available.

To bring this point home, PR Daily published research on January 11th, 2017 showing how pervasive advertising on Facebook has become.

Our report found that 93 percent of marketers use Facebook for business and 91 percent have invested in Facebook Ads. Despite the drop in its organic reach, 72 percent of respondents said their use of Facebook has held steady or increased in the past 12 months.

And spend is increasing…

This calendar year, 42 percent of respondents have spent more than in 2015, with only 7 percent of companies decreasing their social media marketing budgets. About half (51 percent) saw their annual budgets stay the same.

Making that point with more numbers is this data from PWC and IAB.

Facebook Google Ad Growth

The takeaway: the competition is heating up as more businesses view social media marketing as a crucial element of their advertising strategy.

The teaser: we’ll soon announce a new product that lets our customers turn their location based mobile audiences into social media audiences. Not only will they be able to target their app users across Facebook, but they’ll also have access to Reveal Mobile’s entire network of 60M+ devices to create location targeted campaigns.

For the first time, we’ll empower sales teams to build a bridge for their advertisers between media companies and social media targeting. Easily package up visitors to an advertiser’s locations and/or competitive locations, and build them a campaign reaching this audience across the major social media channels. As ad spend continues to migrate to Facebook for the foreseeable future, Reveal Mobile will let media companies continue to have a voice, and valuable audience targeting, in the discussion.

Stay tuned.


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