VISIT Powers Geofencing and Geomarketing

Our products help agencies, media companies, brands and retailers easily and confidently target audiences most likely to buy based on the places they visit.

VISIT is available three ways.

Uncommonly precise. Ethically sourced.
Clear, exceptional value.


  • Self-serve geofencing marketing
  • Foot traffic reports
  • Location-based audiences
  • Campaign attribution reports
  • Monthly subscription
  • No advertising minimums

Who Uses It:

  • Marketing and ad agencies
  • Out-of-home companies
  • Media companies
  • Consumer brands
  • Retailers

VISIT Local lets you apply powerful, precise location data to rapidly improve your ad campaigns.

It’s the easy-to-use tool for managing the three keys to motivating ideal customers – knowing who they are, reaching them based on where they go, and measuring your campaign’s impact on their actions.

VISIT Match 360

  • Offline customer journey insights
  • Location data feed for places you designate
  • Reveals places customers visit 30 days before and 30 days after your location

Who Uses It:

  • Large marketing and ad agencies
  • Out-of-home companies
  • Large media groups
  • Large consumer brands
  • Large retailers

VISIT Match 360 provides insights into the customer journey — revealing where consumers go before and after they visit locations you care about.

The solution enables you to confidently determine foot traffic attribution and ROI for online-to-offline campaigns.


  • Location data feeds by country

Who Uses It:

  • Adtech companies
  • Martech companies
  • Major consumer brands

A daily feed of location data for countries you choose.