VISIT Local puts the power of geofencing marketing in your hands
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Goodbye, low-performing digital campaigns

How many times have you run what you think will be a spot-on ad campaign, only to see zero uptick in store traffic? It only adds insult to injury when you’re wasting hours pulling together the not-so-stellar report.

It’s time to stop guessing about the people you need to reach and wondering if your campaign will perform.

VISIT Local lets you apply powerful, precise location data to rapidly improve your ad campaigns. It’s the one, easy-to-use tool for managing the 3 keys to motivating ideal customers—knowing who they are, reaching them based on where they go, and measuring your campaign’s impact on their actions.

Geofencing marketing for agencies


Know who your audiences are

With VISIT Local there is no more guessing about your ideal customers or how to reach them. Our platform uses location data that is accurate down to the meter. With full control over places, dates and the ability to look back up to 18 months, you can create high-intent audiences with a few clicks.
You can even create custom places by drawing your own polygons. VISIT Local’s unmatched flexibility lets you build the right audiences with ease and confidence.


Reach your audiences based on where they go

Once you know who to target, use location data where you need it most. With VISIT Local, you are not locked into any single ad platform. Push your custom audiences to social media, demand-side platforms, or export and use it wherever you need.
Maximize your reach by targeting audiences across devices. You can build location-based audiences that include multiple devices within a single household. That way, you can advertise to everyone who influences purchase decisions, all while adhering to privacy regulations.

Geofencing advertising platform turns insights into actionable audiences for social media channels.
In-App Geofencing Advertising with Reveal Mobile's Visit platform


Confidently measure your campaign’s impact

Attribution reports are included in VISIT Local, giving you real-time insights to help you track who visits which retail locations, your competitors’ locations, and foot traffic over time. Use this insight to quickly strengthen your campaign as it’s running, and to provide accurate outcomes reporting once the campaign has ended.

The customizability, flexibility, and affordability of VISIT Local make it a great fit for our agency. We’re able to build exactly what we need and take it to the advertising platform of our choice. The foot traffic attribution reporting also provides key insights that our clients demand more and more each day.

Nick ten Bensel, CEO, Plunge Digital