Data On Beacon Deployments In Retail – Part I

In late February 2017, Reveal Mobile and inMarket partnered for a webinar, “Mobile Location and the Tale of Retail ROI”. Over the span of 45 minutes, we shared the data and insights that we see when evaluating location based data and beacons in the retail industry. inMarket dug deep into how to generate the maximum ROI from a mobile based campaign.

To download the full report, click here.

Over the next few days, we’ll share a few key insights here on our blog as well. We begin by showing a few topic level statistics.

First, we evaluate which beacon standard has the most adoption, iBeacon or Eddystone. iBeacon continues to dominate the market.


Next up, which industries deploy the most beacons? Retail and restaurants have a dominant foothold here.


The last item for today, which segments of the retail industry see the most activity against their beacons? Grocery stores see the most traffic against their beacons today.


In the next post we’ll juxtapose the amount of activity seen at grocery stores versus their overall market share of beacon deployments, along with more retail, beacon, and mobile location stats.