A scalable, flexible location data platform

Visit is a unique platform, powering location-based advertising and analytics across multiple industries.


Insights Made Actionable

Across the digital advertising ecosystem.

Detailed reporting helps retailers and brands understand who their customers are, where else they visit, and how they can take action to drive more business. We built Visit Local to be flexible. Portable data means allowing you to reach your audiences across your own mobile apps, the digital advertising ecosystem, and social media. Our foot traffic reporting provides another data point to demonstrate the ability to invest more in the current campaigns or to correct course.

Reveal Mobile's Visit platform turns insights into actionable audiences for social media platforms.
Create the perfect audience using geotargeting


Audience Creation

A simple yet sophisticated user interface.

Build your audience off the locations most relevant to you, whether it’s your locations, client locations, competitive locations, or places where specific products are sold.

For custom needs, create your own point-of-interest to build audiences off of seasonal events, trade shows, or unique locations not found in a traditional “point of interest” database.

Look back up to 365 days, across custom date ranges, to find audiences that scale or have seasonality.

We’ve built in privacy-by-design. Only audiences that exceed a certain quantity threshold can be used for advertising purposes.


Data Enrichment

A complete picture of your audiences.

Append additional information to provide a more complete picture of the audiences you need. We do this by applying US Census information and other data sources to create richer audience profiles.

Data Enrichment with Reveal Mobile's Visit platform
Target exact locations and place matching using custom polygons with the Visit platform


Place Matching

Go beyond simple radius-based targeting.

One of the most difficult components of location-based audiences and analytics is matching location data to correct business locations with updated business information.

Visit Local matches location-based events to our own proprietary database of over 10M US business locations for audience creation and analytics, with the ability to create your own “points of interest” for unique audience requirements.

Most location-based audience solutions take the easy approach of building their “point of interest” database by drawing a simple radius around building, resulting in highly inaccurate audiences. Our geospatial platform leverages best-in-class building footprint data and business metadata, while allowing the seamless integration of internal, open source, and 3rd party data. The result: the market’s most powerful geospatial platforms for matching anonymized location data to real-world locations.

For sophisticated campaign needs, utilize our ability to create custom polygons and audiences specific to your campaign, whether you need 1 or 10,000, you’re no longer confined to a radius.


Data Ingestion & Validation

Start with a clean foundation of data.

We ensure you start with a clean foundation of data, sourced directly from mobile apps, removing inaccuracies, errors, and duplicate events.

We employ data tracing to monitor and protect data from being resold and shared inappropriately.

Easily integrate and reach your mobile app’s own audiences with the Visit SDK.

Comprehensive location data analytics

Visit Local enables us to bring innovative solutions to market, separating us from our competitors. The success of targeted campaigns using location data from Visit Local allows us to have meaningful and strategic discussions with our customers.

– Chris Weatherly, Director, Digital Sales and Product, Capitol Broadcasting Company