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How Businesses Use VISIT Match

September 13, 2019 by Reveal Mobile

For the advertisers, brands, and agencies that have moved beyond simple geotargeting and need to build their own sophisticated solutions based on mobile location data, we’ve built VISIT Match. VISIT Match addresses the challenge of acquiring large sources of privacy-compliant location data, processing it, storing it, maintaining it, and then matching it to the millions of retail locations across the United States and Canada.


What is VISIT Match?

reveal mobile foot traffic attribution polygonVISIT Match provides a data feed of privacy-compliant mobile location data, customized to business requirements, which is then delivered to a secure destination of choice. Reveal Mobile ingests, de-duplicates and cleanses between five and seven billion location events per day, which forms the foundation of the product. What makes VISIT Match unique is the ability for our customers to provide us with the locations they care most about, whether in lat/long coordinates, existing polygon shape files, or in street address format, and return the audiences seen at those locations.

Our industry-leading point-of-interest database, containing over 12 million business locations across the US and Canada, makes this verification and matching process possible. Our engineering team is constantly updating our point-of-interest database to continue to improve its sophistication and class-leading accuracy. We maintain a database that is double the size of our closest competitors’.  

Customers receive the most benefit from VISIT Match by a drastic reduction in time to market for their in-house data teams, tasked to solve audience analytics, audience targeting across their locations and competitors, and foot traffic attribution.  


Who Uses VISIT Match?

When teams need additional data sources to support audience analytics products, services andWin more deals research, VISIT Match becomes a must have. After defining the most important locations and requirements for the audience, we provide either an hourly or daily feed to your secure destination, typically an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. From there, advertisers ingest the data to further customize for reporting, analysis, and audience creation. A few typical use cases include measuring foot traffic over time, competitive visits, and recency and frequency of visits.


In-House Location-Based Audience Targeting

Target Map MarkerThe next step after analyzing the audience is to take action on it. By receiving frequent updates of the audience, either hourly or daily, VISIT Match customers always have the most current data upon which to act.  

Teams that market and measure products with high average selling prices and lengthy durations between purchases — think cars, furniture, mattresses — derive demonstrable value from VISIT Match. When a buyer arrives in-store, they’re in the final stages of their buying cycle. Marketers significantly increase the relevancy of their messaging with campaigns that include the most recent and daily “in-market” shoppers. 


Solving the Foot Traffic Attribution Problem

One of the biggest challenges in advertising and marketing is attribution, especially in offline behavior. Website visit attribution can be measured by pixel tracking and cookies, but how do you attribute digital ads to real-world visits? How can you tell if someone who saw an ad for your restaurant on social media came into one of your locations to eat? How can you tell if someone who saw your billboard converted because of the ad?  

With Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Match, in-house data analytics teams can measure foot traffic attribution in order to demonstrate campaign effectiveness. Below, we outline a few examples of how different companies use VISIT Match to measure attribution.

Out-of-Home Advertising Agencies

Out-of-home ad agency, mobilads, uses VISIT Match to correlate mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to audiences who saw moving billboards on rideshare vehicles. Using VISIT Match data in combination with their own, they were able to measure a 2.75X higher conversion rate of visits to their customer’s stores and a 2.5X higher click-through rate for their retargeting campaign. Read the full case study.  

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out-of-Home

An example of the wrapped car from the VISIT Match mobilads case study

The digital-out-of-home advertising industry uses VISIT Match capabilities for new ways to measure audiences.  Marketers designate their assets as points-of-interest to gauge their viewership within any distance from their screens or billboards. When you reduce guesswork from measuring viewership, you can make smarter decisions about your assets and inventory and ultimately increase your ad revenue by showing your customers how many impressions they can expect.     


Cutting the cord is happening faster than ever with cable customers opting for streaming services, so advertisers look to capitalize on OTT.  They require a solution to reach their target audience and to demonstrate campaign effectiveness.  By matching mobile location data to existing OTT audiences, advertisers gain a new understanding of the real-world behaviors of their target market. These analytics form the foundation of highly relevant audiences for their campaigns, which result in more engagement and better campaign outcomes. VISIT Match allows advertisers to match the IP addresses of their OTT audience to Reveal Mobile’s database. This allows brands to measure changes in foot traffic as a result of their campaigns, whether it’s their own locations or winning market share from competitors.   

With this data, advertisers are able to segment their target audience in ways they were previously unable to by understanding and analyzing where their audiences visit in the real world. Through audience extension, marketers can use omnichannel marketing by matching IP addresses to MAIDs and delivering ads across the digital ecosystem. Marketers are also able to measure two different forms of foot traffic attribution. At a high level, they can measure the changes in foot traffic at their locations. The second way to measure foot traffic attribution is by matching the MAIDs that showed up at the point-of-interest to the IP addresses that were served ads. With the help of pixel tracking, the marketer can then infer that the ad played a role in contributing to the visit.

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VISIT Local user interfaceVISIT Match is also a great way to geoconquest. What makes it unique is the ability to receive a daily feed of the audience that visits competitive locations, even when those locations may not normally be found in a POI database.  By geofencing competitors’ locations, you can target your optimal shopper with relevant, timely contextual ads to help you win new business. With this daily feed of your competitor’s visitors, you deliver campaigns designed to convert them into your customers.   

Quick-Service Restaurants 

Quick-service restaurants have an excellent Restaurant Industryopportunity to geoconquest with VISIT Match.  For example, a marketer for Wendy’s may want to win over Chick-Fil-A customers with a new chicken sandwich.  The Wendy’s marketer could use VISIT Match to receive a daily feed of the MAIDs that visit Wendy’s and serve them an ad with an especially enticing offer.   When those people who Wendy’s targets show up in a Wendy’s, those MAIDs are included in VISIT Match’s attribution reporting and prove the efficacy of the campaign in real-time. With VISIT Match, there’s no need to wait until the campaign ends to see the impact of ad spend.  Advertisers can see how their campaign is performing day by day and make adjustments when needed.

Auto Dealers

Automotive IndustryAuto dealers can also put VISIT Match’s geoconquesting capabilities to work. Because the car buying process is short once a prospect shows up on the lot, dealers need to deliver relevant ads within a very specific time period. Dealers can also geofence their competitors’ lots and receive a daily feed of those particular MAIDs.  Armed with this data, dealerships can serve ads to shoppers almost immediately.


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