With “App Direct”, sales teams double and triple their mobile revenue by using location based audiences for direct sold ads.
Ads targeted with Reveal Mobile’s location data perform 175% to 477% better.


Advertisers are increasingly aware how much time people spend on mobile devices, and they want to reach their target audience there. Reveal Mobile’s privacy compliant approach uses a proprietary database of Bluetooth beacons combined with lat/long data to create the most accurate and valuable location-based targeting available in the market today.

Use Reveal Mobile’s “App Direct” to find exactly the right audience for your customers. Hone in to single locations and chains, or zoom out to broader categories to build a bigger audience.

With our push-button DFP integration, turning a location based audience into a mobile display or video campaign has never been easier. Not using DFP for ad serving? We can work with any platform that accepts IDFAs and Mobile Advertising IDs.


  • Reach in-market auto shoppers based upon devices visiting dealers lots
  • Target auto shoppers by reaching people that live nearby
  • Increase service revenue by targeting people that work nearby for tune ups and oil changes
Quick Service Restaurants & Dining
  • Find people who visit their locations and their competitors
  • Hone in on people working and living nearby with relevant lunch and dinner offers
  • Reach frequent travelers
  • Retarget visitors who’ve vacationed in the exact spot or similar locations before

“Combining beacons with geofencing allows us to bring innovative solutions to market, which separates us from our competitors. The success of these targeted campaigns allow us to continue having meaningful and strategic discussions with our customers.” – Chris Weatherly, Director, Digital Sales and Product.

“When we approached our clients, they immediately saw the value of reaching highly targeted location-based audiences on mobile apps. They jumped in with both feet, as they’re always looking for smart ways to differentiate themselves.”  – Tim Brady, Sales Manager

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