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Learn From Facebook – It’s All About Audience Targeting

January 25, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

Last week Facebook rolled out a tool designed to help publishers get their best content in front of a target audience . You can read their post on “Audience Optimization.”

In the past, Facebook focused their audience targeting on the advertising side. That’s where the money lives. Developing targeting solutions for publishers is a natural progression for Facebook. Getting users more engaged with content that’s more relevant to them should increase engagement with Facebook, and therefore create more ad revenue.

For everyone else that wants their audience to stick around their site or app, are you serving the best content and the most relevant advertising to your users? Do you even have the first step completed – tools to understand your audience?

Having spent years developing and managing hundreds of apps for media companies and app publishers, we realize the complexity and difficulty of audience targeting. We also understand how important this data is to be able to compete in today’s digital economy.

As we cross into the latter half of the decade, we’ll see increasing usage of audience data in both mobile and desktop publishing.

Learn from Facebook. They’ve got a head start, but they won’t be the only winner.

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