Monetizing Mobile Data 101 – Questions to Ask Any Data Buyer

In May 2017 we hosted the “Monetizing Mobile Data 101” webinar. The idea of generating revenue from consumer data isn’t new, but applying that to mobile generated data is still very much a nascent industry. Over the past two years we’ve seen the need for education and reducing the confusion in the marketplace, thus the webinar.

The presentation covered the following:

  • A brief intro to monetizing data
  • Why monetizing mobile data is happening now
  • The types of mobile data available to monetize
  • Who buys mobile data
  • What types of data do they buy
  • How the data is valued: US, events per device, DAU vs. MAU, recency, exclusivity, accuracy
  • Ways to collect the data, via SDK or data feed
  • Payment terms
  • Privacy
  • Questions to ask anyone buying mobile data

If any of that sounds interesting, or doesn’t make any sense, you should download and/or listen to the presentation yourself.

Here in this post we will pull out the last section, as it’s important to educate the community on the right questions to ask of anyone considering buying mobile data.

We place these questions into three categories to help address specific points in the sales cycle.

Determining your mobile data’s value

  • What type of data can you monetize: hashed email, location, registration, purchase?
  • How many events per day does a device need to qualify for payment, if any?
  • Do you pay on all users or only US based?
  • Do you pay on MAU or DAU?

Understanding pricing models

  • What is your pricing model: rev share, flat CPM, mixed?
  • What premium will you pay in exchange for exclusivity?
  • If quoted paying per user per year, does this require the user to be active every month for 12 months?  Do they need to see a user 365 days each year?

Integration process

  • How long does it take customers to go from SDK integration through testing to submission to approval?
  • If we’re sending a data feed, what fields are required or optional?
  • Once we’ve sent you access to our data feed, what is the process for ingesting it and how long does it take?

This list isn’t exhaustive, but provides a great start to ensure an open and transparent dialogue.