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NextRadio Solving Radio’s Challenges

June 19, 2015 by Reveal Mobile

NextRadio solving Radio's Challenges

The LA Times featured an article on NextRadio, an app that allows people to listen to radio stations without chewing up valuable (and expensive) streaming bandwidth.

We love this for three reasons.

  1. They’re re-inventing how radio is delivered for the benefit of the broadcasters and for their audience.
  2. They’re making use of existing mobile technology to improve radio by delivering a more interactive listening experience.
  3. They’re solving a big problem for radio broadcasters: recapturing an audience that is migrating to streaming apps while providing them with more audience data to reinvigorate advertiser interest.

It’s this last point that we’re excited about.  By reaching a mobile audience, NextRadio will be able to provide broadcasters with never-before-seen data about their listeners.  This holds enormous promise for building better programming and for providing advertisers with their target audience.

Hats off to the NextRadio team.

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