Data Monetization

Mobile Data Monetization


As the battle to turn mobile attention into mobile revenue heats up, app publishers continue to seek new revenue streams. Reveal Mobile has built relationships with dozens of premium mobile data partners. They view us as a trusted filter for high quality and privacy compliant 1st party location data.


Immediate & Long Term Value

There’s immediate value in getting paid for your data. More importantly, there’s strategic long-term value in finding the right partner that can do more than write a check.

True Additive Value

Only Reveal Mobile provides back true additive value to product, sales, and advertising teams.

Cleaned and Analyzed Audience Data

At no extra charge, we display your cleaned and analyzed audience data in our user interface. Use this data to understand where your audience visits to inform product decisions, to tailor in-app content, and to increase advertising revenue.


We follow the industry best practices of the mobile and advertising industry leaders in privacy. We honor all OS opt-outs, don’t collect any personally identifiable information, and de-identify all device data to ensure your customers’ privacy.

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