Reach Location Based Audiences Across Social Media

It’s impossible to reach an audience that visits your locations, competitive locations, or any business location that you care about on social media. Reveal Mobile’s Social Direct product allows digital marketers and sales teams to easily convert opted-in location based mobile audiences into targeted social media campaigns. Customers see 131- 633% cost savings and boost ad performance dramatically.

One simple user interface allows marketers to build, define, and refine an audience. Export and upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any ad network, as a custom audience, then build your campaigns.

Social Direct for Agencies & Brands

Stand out from the competition by providing location based retargeting audiences that neither Facebook nor your competitors can offer.

Build campaigns utilizing Reveal Mobile’s entire network of mobile audiences. Reach people who visit your clients’ locations, or the locations where they buy your clients’ products, or even visit competitive locations.

Social Direct for Media Companies

Facebook’s scale and sophisticated targeting capabilities pose a significant threat to local sales teams’ ability to earn advertiser attention and interest.

By using Social Direct, digital sales teams put themselves back in the conversation. They’re empowered to work alongside Facebook by bringing unique audiences only they can generate, instead of competing head-to-head.

Social Direct for Customer Acquisition

Using location to find audiences with a high propensity to download your app is an underutilized, but increasingly important, customer acquisition strategy.

Social Direct allows app publishers to find the locations that their audience visit mosts. Build audiences to reach all other devices visiting those locations for highly targeted customer acquisition campaigns.


“We love the ability to convert location data into mobile audiences, and then make those highly targeted segments available on Facebook,” said Megan McCrea, SVP, AdTaxi Alliance. “Reveal Mobile’s ability to create audiences as refined as individual store visits or to more broadly increase scale is a compelling story that resonates with advertisers, and keeps our partners in the conversation. We look forward to seeing the end result: high-performing campaigns that create more results for clients and more revenue opportunities for sales teams.”

Steven Miller, VP of Digital at Digital2GO, a leading agency in “Context as a Service” solutions said, “We put Social Direct through its paces, building location-based audiences of auto buyers for major auto manufacturers. The campaigns performed so well that a single month campaign turned into a nationwide and year-long engagement for our company.”

1st Party, Accurate Data

We source Social Direct’s audience data from our own technology, and a few selected data partners. We don’t rely upon ad exchanges for data, which ensures your audiences are highly accurate, precise, and high performing.

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