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Reveal Mobile Selected as BIA/Kelsey “Future Star”

September 23, 2015 by Reveal Mobile


We’re pleased to share that BIA/Kelsey selected Reveal Mobile as a “Future Star” for their annual BIA/Kelsey SMB Conference.  We join a solid group of fellow startups that help local small-to-medium-businesses innovate in digital marketing.

We’ll make our debut to the BIA/Kelsey audience in Denver, CO during the September 29-30th show.  Andy Schrader, our Chief Product Officer, will provide a brief technology overview while highlighting how we’re already empowering media companies to sell more effective targeted mobile advertising.

At BIA/Kelsey, we continually seek innovation in the industry, and the Future Stars program gives us a platform to introduce elite emerging companies to our community of digital marketing leaders,” said BIA/Kelsey SMB Conference Chair Charles Laughlin, SVP and senior analyst, BIA/Kelsey. “We’re very pleased to be able to share the energy and entrepreneurship of the most innovative startups in the space”.

If you’re hoping for a brief glimpse, or can’t make it to Denver, here’s a sneak peak of our triple play for mobile ad targeting.

  1. Build a target mobile audience off of demographics, behaviors, and interests
  2. Build an audience based off of how devices interact with our nation-wide database of beacons
  3. Build a finely-tuned audience by installing beacons at specific events

By arming local sales teams with beacons, we’re creating mobile retargeting audiences never before seen.

  • Place beacons at the State Fair to build a massive audience to generate higher ticket sales in 2016.
  • Place beacons at a regional restaurant chain to understand exactly who visits locations, how often, and other places they visit, then retarget based upon these criteria.
  • Place beacons at station-sponsored events to create highly targeted audience segments.

Combining these specific beacon installations with our global database of classified beacons and behavioral data empowers our customers to pioneer new mobile advertising strategies.  We’re thrilled to share this story at the upcoming BIA/Kelsey conference.

Have other ideas or examples of how you’ve seen media companies use beacons and mobile devices together effectively?  Let us know!