Customizable location-data solutions for enterprise products and analytics platforms

What Sets Us Apart

Location data is an increasingly valuable resource with growing use cases across a wide range of industries.  The challenge today is finding trusted, high quality, privacy-compliant sources of data with enough volume and scale.  Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Data platform provides enterprise clients with a customizable solution. Here’s why companies use VISIT Data.

Transparency of Data


Build New and Enhance Your Existing Database

Companies use VISIT Data to build and power their own solutions & capabilities. Our data helps partners with attribution, audience building, customized content delivery, and foot traffic analysis. Our customer roster includes brands, media companies, agencies, OTT/DOOH providers, and AdTech / MarTech Companies.


Customizable to Fit Your Requirements

From aggregate attribution to specific location driven foot traffic analysis, our data can be used to append existing audience profiles or to capture & create new ones. The data output, along with delivery frequency, is fully customizable to your business requirements.

Data Enrichment with Reveal Mobile's Visit platform
Target exact locations and place matching using custom polygons with the Visit platform


Location Data Quality and Accuracy

While sufficient volume to matter is important, the quality, depth, and richness of the data are just as valuable. We undertake significant engineering effort to remove duplicates from the data sets, to cleanse bad and malformed data, and to provide data tracing. This process ensures that data only flows to desired partners, keeping data partnerships protected and accountable.


Our Approach to Privacy and Security

Reveal Mobile proudly follows the industry’s best privacy practices of the mobile and advertising industry . We honor all OS opt-outs, don’t collect any personally identifiable information, and de-identify all device data to ensure privacy and compliance. We are a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and undergo an annual NAI compliance review that adheres to the NAI’s Code of Conduct. Additionally, we are EU-US Privacy Shield Certified and belong to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Transparency & Consent Framework.

Mobile privacy and security are Reveal Mobile's priorities