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What Sets Us Apart

With one simple location data feed, Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Match enables product teams to instantly create a nation-wide, scalable, location-based marketing platform from their own locations.

Create the perfect audience using geotargeting


Solving location’s toughest challenges

Any product or engineering team looking to add mobile location data to their portfolio faces a series of daunting tasks. They must find and acquire large sources of privacy-compliant mobile location data, de-duplicate and cleanse the data, create the processing and storing capabilities to house it, maintain a nationwide point of interest database to match the mobile data against, and then finally build their solution on top.


Speed to Market

Instead of building your own enterprise location service, use Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Match service to drastically reduce your time to market.  At its simplest level, VISIT Match allows you to bring your own polygons to Reveal Mobile’s VISIT infrastructure, and to create geotargeted mobile audiences against our nationwide scale of privacy compliant mobile advertising IDs.

Reveal Mobile's Visit Platform is Flexible and Scalable
Reveal Mobile's VISIT analytics


High Tech Features

  • High volume, privacy-compliant location data
  • Bulk upload shapefiles, address, or radius for instant POI creation and mapping
  • 12M+ US POI locations, offering a best-in-class solution
  • Customize your deliverables to match to your business needs
  • Append additional data to create profiles for audiences and devices for your own location data analytics
  • Create custom polygons for mobile geofencing
  • Reveal Mobile is CCPA compliant
Digital Out of Home

An Out-Of-Home Case Study

Powered by VISIT Match

Reveal Mobile’s customer mobilads executed a retargeting search campaign to drive traffic to mobile stores. Using 200 wrapped vehicles and VISIT Match’s technology, they were able to measure foot traffic attribution that otherwise would have been almost impossible to measure.

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“Reveal’s VISIT Match data set allows us to plan and optimize our out-of-home advertising campaigns well before they start. By knowing the number of people as well as the demographics and behaviors of the people that will see our ads, we can tell our customers how many ads they need, where they should place them, and ultimately optimize their return on every dollar they spend advertising. Because of this – we act as partners to our customers and that has driven industry-leading repeat business. 85% of our customers run a second campaign within 6 months, and 50% of our customers will run three or more. We attribute a lot of that to our reporting and optimization platform – which is built on top of Reveal’s datasets.”  –– Jesse Moore, CTO at mobilads