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The weather is changing and so should your marketing strategy

June 3, 2019 by Reveal Mobile

Every change of season brings about new opportunities for marketers to tailor their message to their audiences. The advent of summertime and fun-in-the-sun similarly offers new options for creatives and reaching the right audience. In this article we explore a few ideas on brands and their agencies can combine the summer season with geotargeting strategies.

If you’re already working with location-based marketing, the following will spark new ideas.  If you are new to location-based marketing, start with our “Location-Based Marketing FAQs”, and our “What Is Location-Based Marketing post”. Once you’ve got a baseline understanding, continue below for examples of how marketers can best reach their summer audiences.

With all of the sun that summer brings, our first example highlights ideas for sunscreen brands. Building audiences that frequently visit popular lakes, beaches, and community swimming pools make for a great start to any campaign. This same approach works well for surf brands and surf shops to reach beach visitors, as well as boating and water ski brands for lakes and oceans.

As the temperature rises, people cool down with cold treats. Frozen yogurt chains should build audiences that visit their own locations, as well as their competitors’ locations, to drive more foot traffic to their stores.

A perennial favorite of the summer scene is country music concerts.  The marketing teams at a western apparel ecommerce stores should build campaigns that reach these concert-goers across the country. Their campaigns then reach their desired audience of country music fans who learn about new boots and clothing options for their next show.

Marketers at travel and tourism bureaus should already be thinking ahead. They’ll want to build audiences that visit their own destination, plus other nearby tourist friendly cities. The goal here is to reach out to this audience next year prior to the busy season beginning.

An auto agency marketer working with a franchise who has convertibles on special for the summer can use location-based marketing to target potential car buyers throughout the sales funnel, from initial browsing to purchase. Whether used in a digital campaign, or in conjunction with other media campaigns, location-based marketing is a great way to visualize and market to the on-the-lot shopper and off-line browser, traditionally the most difficult of car shoppers to engage with.

Location-based marketing, combined with the change of seasons, works for a variety of business types. It also presents new options for campaign strategies that make reaching your desired audience easy and effective.


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