Our geofencing and geomarketing software, VISIT Local, helps Digital Agencies grow and earn repeat business

You know how agencies need to provide the best geolocation insights for their clients without losing credibility and trust?

VISIT Local provides digital agencies with location-based marketing analytics, audiences and foot traffic attribution.

  • Custom look-back periods up to 18 months
  • Get the high-intent audiences you need
  • Geoconquest competitors to grow client market share
  • Push audiences to social media and any DSP
  • Easily find locations you care about
  • Create your own geofences

See foot traffic to your client’s locations and everywhere else their customers visit

Use these clear and powerful insights to provide more value to your existing clients — and to pitch and win new clients as well.

Geofencing Targeting Technology

Get the audiences you need to make campaigns great

Customize and target audiences that convert for your clients and maximize your clients’ return on ad spend.

This is what VISIT Local does for digital agencies.

Ones that work with physical retail locations, commerce & consumer packaged goods:

  • Find your audience and competitors with reports that provide a very fine detail so you can support the success of your campaigns.
  • As an agency we don’t make you work harder, but we make you work smarter.
  • Know that you can use an customizable tool with flexibility so you don’t have to come up with your own solution to identify the most relevant audiences and bring that data into whatever advertising platform you’re using.


A mattress company saw a 266% improvement in ad engagement using location-based audiences.


After deploying location-based audiences, a customer saw an 8x increase in month-over-month qualified leads coming through Facebook messages.