Location-Based Marketing

We help companies reach their audience with location-based marketing across mobile apps, social media, and audience marketplaces.

Build, reach, and understand location-based audiences

Social Direct for Media Companies


Increase campaign relevancy with location-based audiences across social media, ad networks, and audience marketplaces

Location-Based Audiences


Improve campaign relevance and content strategy with location-based audiences and insights across your own mobile apps


Control, transparency & flexibility for privacy-compliant mobile location data, with insights and analytics at scale, sourced from trusted partners

By using patented beacon detection and GPS, Reveal Mobile creates the most accurate and precise mobile audience segments available on the market today. These form the foundation for sophisticated location-based targeting advertising capabilities across mobile apps, social media, and data management platforms.

Mobile privacy is important to you, your audience and Reveal Mobile.

  • Location data only collected for opted-in users
  • “Limit Ad Tracking” feature honored on both iOS and Android
  • Members of Mobile Marketing Association Mobile Privacy committee, Internet Advertising Bureau Public Policy council, Future of Privacy Forum
  • EU-US Privacy Shield Framework certified
  • Plain English privacy policy publicly posted, with instructions for easy opt-out
  • Members of the Network Advertising Initiative, undergoing annual compliance reviews
  • For more information on privacy and location-based marketing, read here

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For Developers

Integrating “a few lines of code” only takes a few minutes, but sophisticated developers know there’s more to it. Testing, QA, submission, and app store approval all take time. One of our largest customers, which manages over 150 apps, went from SDK integration to app store approval in one week.

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