Maximize your ad budget. Target only the audiences you need.

Run campaigns that deliver a higher return on ad spend with VISIT Local geofencing marketing.

  • Get campaigns going in minutes
  • Eliminate wasted ad spend
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Pixel-based attribution included

See how VISIT Local works

Geofencing Foot Traffic Analysis

VISIT Local makes you a paid media hero

A few of our customers’ results:


Improvement in Facebook audience conversions


Household to store visit conversion rate


Of retail sales attributed to VISIT Local


Higher store visitation rate

Smarter, more effective campaigns start here

The VISIT Local geofencing marketing platform provides you with all the tools you need to better understand your customers, reach them based on places they go, and measure the impact of your ads. It’s the one powerful, easy-to-use geofencing solution that gives you greater control over the 3 keys to a winning campaign.

Geofence Screenshot for Foot Traffic Analytics

Know who your customers are

Use location data to construct a complete profile of your ideal consumer.
Then create targeted audiences based on places they visit.

Geofencing Targeting Tool

Target exactly who you want

Retain your current customers, win market share from the competition and grow business by acquiring new customers.

Foot Traffic Attribution Report

Measure your campaign impact

Foot traffic attribution reports are included with VISIT Local. Stop guessing about campaign performance. Maximize your return on ad spend.

VISIT Local is results-driven geofencing marketing

  • Reduce wasted ad spend
  • Target exactly who you want
  • Easy to use with full control

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VISIT Local lets us target our competitors’ customers and stay in front of them for a low cost. This is smart, strategic marketing at its best.

– Lane Houk, CEO and Managing partner of Brand Equation

How you can use geofencing marketing


Use geofencing to target chains, individual stores or any location you'd like. You can even create custom places for your unique campaign needs.

Out of Home

Use geofencing to know the impact of your OOH campaigns and see who visited specific locations after seeing your ad.


Target competitive locations and serve ads to their customers to grow your market share.


Expand your in-market audience and target all decision makers and influencers in the home.

Benefits of Geofencing Marketing with VISIT Local

Our easy-to-use geofencing marketing and campaign planning tool gives you the 3 keys to motivating your ideal customers

  • Knowing who they are
  • Reaching them based on real places they visit
  • Measuring your campaign’s impact on their offline actions

Flexible and customizable

  • Use precise location data where and how you need it most. You’re not locked into any single system.
  • Push your audiences to social media, demand-side platforms, or wherever you serve ads and acquire customers.

Affordable, transparent pricing

  • No paid media minimum requirement
  • Clear attribution reports are included with every campaign
  • One low, fixed, predictable cost