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Photofy Selects Reveal Mobile For Improved Mobile Location Accuracy

August 15, 2016 by Reveal Mobile


Photofy set out to build the world’s most powerful social content creation tool for consumers and businesses. The Photofy app was created for the non-designer to easily edit and choose from over 50,000 overlays to add to their photos. Not just a consumer photo editing app, Photofy also empowers businesses of all industries and sizes to manage, permission, create and share high quality branded content.  

Many times, this imagery requires an accurate location in order to serve the appropriate photo filter, known as a geofilter, along with location specific experiences for users. To ensure their customers receive the right content in the right place, Photofy chooses Reveal Mobile, leading experts in location-based mobile analytics, to provide accurate mobile location data.


Photofy CEO Jon LaNasa sums it up. “Previously we had very limited location data. It was also frequently inaccurate, which made it difficult to use. We needed a solution that not only provided a 10x improvement in accuracy, but one that delivered deeper business information about the locations our audience visits. Reveal Mobile’s ability to build audience data off of Bluetooth beacons and lat/long gives us the accuracy and depth we need.”

Reveal Mobile’s technology is currently embedded in over 400 apps across the United States. Customers access their proprietary beacon and business location database to tackle a multitude of mobile tasks made more powerful with location. In this case, they facilitate serving the correct creative based upon location data and audience segments.

By integrating Reveal Mobile’s SDK (software development kit) into the app, Photofy instantly receives plug & play beacon detection, improved location measurement and details about the types and names of places their audience visits in the real world.

Photofy uses the enhanced location data in real-time to deliver the correct roster of geofilters, overlays and experiences to the end user.

“Relevant location-based content is key to an exceptional user experience. Our millions of users love to interact with their location to personalize their photos,whether they are at a sporting event, favorite restaurant, their hometown, or a festival.” says LaNasa.  

“This an excellent use case for accurate mobile location data”, remarks Reveal Mobile CEO Brian Handly, “and one we’re seeing adopted further across all types of mobile apps. Mobile’s unique differentiator from other channels is location. Photofy’s innovative approach will distinguish them from their peers and competitors.”