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Geofencing Marketing Playbook for Restaurants

This Playbook is a step-by-step guide to adding geofencing to your marketing strategy for your restaurants. Get insights from the marketing director at a regional restaurant group and the geofencing marketing experts at Reveal Mobile and learn how to maximize foot traffic and sales to your multi-unit restaurants.

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Whitepaper: Conquering Snapchat Ads

Everything agencies, retailers and brands need to know about leveraging geofencing marketing in their Snapchat campaigns.

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Case Study: Measuring Moving Out of Home Attribution For a Major Apparel Brand

Programmatic OOH experts worked with their retail giant client on a campaign to motivate shoppers to visit stores and measure foot traffic attribution.

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Case Study: Driving and Measuring Traffic for Major Retailer

An independent agency uses paid social and VISIT Local to drive and measure traffic for their major hardware store chain client. 

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2021 Holiday Foot Traffic Report Top 10 Retailers

2021 Holiday Foot Traffic Report for Top 10 U.S. Retailers

We produced a foot traffic analysis for 10 of the most popular brick and mortar retailers in the U.S., which comprise a considerable portion of holiday sales.

Ebook: Out of home attribution: How to measure retail's customer acquisition channel

Out of Home Attribution: How to Measure Retail’s Customer Acquisition Channel

Learn about the evolution of out of home advertising as well as forms of measurement to report on what matters most.  This ebook includes two real-world examples of how companies used location intelligence to measure consumer actions impacted by their campaigns. 

Infographic: Advertising on TikTok

Infographic: Advertising on Tik Tok

Learn about how to find and reach your ideal audience on Tik Tok as well as other informative insights in this infographic.

Case Study: Out of home attribution study for food delivery

Case Study: Out of Home Attribution Study for Food Delivery Service

The out of home subsidiary of a global advertising agency works with a food delivery service to create place-based out of home ads and measures their impact on digital conversions.

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Case Study: Out of home attribution study for food delivery

Case Study: Out of Home Attribution Study for Personal Finance App

Rideshare out of home media company turns to Reveal Mobile to measure the impact of their moving billboard campaign.

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Case Study: Thinking outside of the box for in-market audiences and comprehensive attribution

Case Study: Thinking Outside the Box for In-Market Audiences and Comprehensive Attribution

Learn how an innovative agency thinks outside the box for creative targeting to drive sales leads for their motorcycle and RV dealer clients.

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Report: how marketers are driving in store sales as pandemic restrictions are lifted

Let’s Go Shopping

See how marketers are driving in-store traffic as restrictions are being lifted. Understanding consumer behavior and patterns are crucial for getting customers back into the brick-and-mortar setting.

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Social media advertising how to use custom audiences

Social Media Advertising: How to use custom audiences

Agencies, brands, retailers and advertisers that run campaigns on social media know that they can use the social platform’s built-in targeting tools to reach certain audiences. The best way to target audiences via paid social ads are through the use of custom audiences.

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