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We put results-driven geofencing marketing
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Our Story

Reveal Mobile launched in 2015, an evolution driven by our experience developing hundreds of mobile apps for media companies across the United States. In nearly every project, we and our customers had come up against the same challenge: identifying and reaching the right audience across mobile, social media and digital advertising platforms.

With the creation of VISIT Local, we’ve applied our expertise in location-based marketing and analytics to deliver a unique, all-in-one results-driven geofencing marketing platform. Agencies, brands, media companies, retailers and others now have the precise location data they need to better understand their customers, reach them based on where they go, and measure the actual impact of digital advertising and promotions.

VISIT Local enables us to cover the entire spectrum—from brand awareness to performance marketing.

Lane Houk, CEO and Managing Partner of Brand Equation

How we work together is as important as the technology we develop

If you’re looking for hype, you won’t find it here. Reveal Mobile is not that kind of tech company. We are practical and action-oriented to our core. People like working here and our customers appreciate us because we solve real problems and produce real results. We also really enjoy what we do.

Here are a few reasons why…

Our bias toward action

No shrinking violets here. When we see something we think needs attention, we address it. Everyone is entrusted to act with confidence and humility—to own their ability to think critically then quickly make the right decision when needed. If what you tried didn’t work, take steps to improve it. If you crushed it, great job! What’s next?

All in on collaboration

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to say out loud. Working well together is the ticket to our award-winning technology and customer happiness. Every meeting, every project represents an important opportunity to strengthen customer and team relationships. We believe in being open and receptive to constructive feedback, asking for a second set of eyes on the big and the little stuff, and leaving egos at the door.

Top-down optimism

Optimism sets the tone for every aspect of our organization. It comes from having a clear goal, a practical plan and the resources to make it happen. Positive thinking leads to positive results, which is why we encourage our people to bring an open mind and a solution-oriented attitude to the office—or video call—every day.

Unapologetic transparency

Not only is transparency central to how we develop our technology, it’s in the fabric of our company culture. Using data to inform decisions and actions whenever possible makes it easy to have clarity. We openly communicate and share what worked … and what didn’t. It’s how we learn, earn trust and continue to grow.


Our team’s expertise runs deep in ad tech, sales & marketing, data science, product development, and mobile, with many successful startups under our belts.

Brian Handly

Brian Handly


Seasoned entrepreneur, investor, father, husband, and avid runner.

Andy Schrader

Andy Schrader


Agile product manager, foodie, beer snob, and family guy.

Randy Kilgore Headshot

Randy Kilgore


Media junkie, Philly guy, hack golfer, and proud dad.

Dan Dillon

Dan Dillon


Data-driven, tennis player, husband, and father of three boys.

CCO Jonathan Frangakis

Jonathan Frangakis


Girl-dad, entrepreneur, former Marine, Out of Home enthusiast, pretty good at braiding hair, and heavy lifter.


Gabe Frangakis


Math nerd, entrepreneur, husky dad, and metal guitarist.

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