Performance Measurement for Out of Home Campaigns

In-Flight Campaign Measurement

At last you can measure your OOH Advertising Campaign while it’s live! For the first time OOH advertisers can measure a campaign’s impact on in-app or website activity in-flight. Learn more here.

What sets us apart

As an advertising channel, out of home can now be measured the same way you measure digital channels. With Reveal Mobile, you can also measure offline and online impact no matter where your OOH campaigns run. And retarget exposed audiences via social and display for cross-channel campaign impact.

Reveal Mobile has truly democratized attribution, making it available to a wide range of our advertiser clients. We were determined to work with the optimum provider, and we’re excited that we work with Reveal Mobile and Mira as our preferred measurement solution.

Faizan Bhatty, head of business development and strategic partnerships for Lyft Media


Solution Brief

Brand Lift Studies

Brand Lift, Awareness, Message Association, and Intent can be measured for Out of Home.

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solution brief

Attribution Studies

Our secret sauce is measuring OOH lift for metrics like in-app purchases, web-site activity and store visits.

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Case Study

Foot Traffic Attribution for Major Apparel Brand

Find out how Adomni used moving OOH and retail marketing to drive foot traffic to a major apparel brand around the holidays.

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Case Study

In-App and Website Actions Attribution for Food Delivery Service

Measuring the impact of place-based ads on in-app and website conversions for a major food delivery service.

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Case Study

In-App Attribution for Personal Finance App

Learn how a major rideshare company measures the impact of their moving OOH ads for a consumer finance app with marketing analytics tools. 

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Location intelligence for OOH media companies

Quantify your advantages. Intelligently price your inventory. Make your assets worth more.



Mira’s out of home measurement and attribution reports play a critical role in advertisers’ campaigns and for the agencies who manage them. The cutting edge methodology that powers these reports allows for an advanced look into how campaigns perform.

End to End Solution for OOH Effectiveness

We provide highly accurate net lift reports for your traditional, moving and digital OOH campaigns. Location intelligence powers attribution reports measuring campaign impact on in-store foot traffic, website visits and conversions, app downloads and in-app events.

Moving OOH

We have the unique capability to measure exposed audiences even when your out of home ad is on the move. Moving out of home campaigns are on the rise and measuring their effectiveness has never been easier. We work with companies like Lyft Media, Uber OOH, Adomni and others for their moving OOH attribution needs. To learn more about our methodology please contact us.

What You Get

The difference in conversions between the test audience, those who were exposed to your OOH ads, and the control group, those who were not exposed, is the impact of your campaign. We also control for variables to help isolate the impact of the campaign.