Agencies deliver strategic value with geofencing and location-based marketing

Run digital campaigns with VISIT Local, a powerful, easy-to-use geofencing marketing platform that provides you with precise location data to drive better results for clients
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Give clients the campaign performance they want

Digital marketing and ad agencies have struggled to easily and confidently target the people most likely to become customers for clients. Not anymore.
VISIT Local gives you the data to identify the right audiences for every client and campaign, insights to win every pitch, and real-time attribution reports to prove your value—all in one digital marketing platform.

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VISIT Local delivers real results

The power of our results-driven geofencing marketing platform shows in the success of our customers.


Increase in conversion rate.


Above average click-thru rate on Facebook.


Higher in-store visitation rate.

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Persuade clients with unmatched precision

Our geofencing marketing tool serves up precise foot traffic data, down to the meter. Most location-based audience solutions use radii, leading to inaccurate audiences. VISIT Local uses advanced polygons that digitally outline building footprints, providing you with exactly the audiences your clients want to reach.

Use the data however and wherever you need

VISIT Local matches location-based events to our own proprietary database of over 12 million business locations for audience creation, analytics and foot traffic attribution, with the ability to create your own points of interest as needed. Easily convert audience location data into appropriate audience segments. Then deploy campaigns with geofencing ad targeting across your preferred digital marketing or social media platforms.

Turn foot traffic analysis into actionable audiences on social platforms
Collect real time data to win better business

Connect online impressions to real-world actions

Provide clients with foot traffic attribution reports during and after the campaign to show how campaigns performed. This level of transparency and frequency lets you make better decisions at every campaign stage and improve your client’s return on ad spend. It also goes a long way toward building trust. With pixel tracking, you can attribute return visits by all of the audience members who were served ads during and after the campaign.

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With the addition of foot traffic and competitive analytics, our team brings insights to our clients that they’ve never seen before. This helps reinforce our thought leadership and credibility with our clients and in the market.

– VP of Digital Marketing

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The value of geofencing
for agencies

Agencies use VISIT Local for their clients in many retail and consumer segments:

Restaurants | Consumer packaged goods | Health, beauty and fitness | Entertainment | Grocery | Pet Stores | Household goods | Consumer electronics | Automotive parts and services | Apparel | Toys and hobby | Hardware | Sports | Travel | And many others

Agency FAQs for VISIT Local

How does pricing work?

VISIT Local is a fixed monthly fee, and the product is available in tiers. The tiers are determined by the features you need for your business. This gives you control over how much you spend and allows you to maximize your ROI.

Can I create my own geofences?

Yes. While VISIT Local includes more than 14 million mapped places, you can create custom polygons in the product. This allows you to create audiences and run reports based on precisely the areas you choose to geofence.

Is there a required minimum ad spend?

No. VISIT Local does not require you to buy media, giving you control over where and how much you spend each month on advertising.

Where can I advertise using VISIT Local audiences?

You can advertise on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can also run programmatic display ads using a demand side platform.

Where does Reveal Mobile get location data?

Reveal Mobile gets its privacy-compliant location data from a range of suppliers who have SDKs embedded in mobile applications where it makes sense to share one’s location, such as news, weather, and shopping apps.

How much data does Reveal Mobile work with?

We process privacy-compliant location data for approximately 50 million opted-in mobile users every day across North America. Across those devices, we see about 20 billion location events every day. That means you can get foot traffic analytics, build location-based audiences, and see foot traffic attribution reports for all of your VISIT Local campaigns, no matter how large your target audience.

What kind of privacy practices do you follow?

Reveal Mobile is CCPA and GDPR compliant. We adhere to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Code of Conduct. We are also active in privacy advocacy groups with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and we are Privacy Shield Framework certified. Read more about our privacy leadership and our privacy policy.

What verticals is VISIT Local best suited for?

VISIT Local is ideal for a wide range of consumer segments, including restaurants, health and beauty, fitness, entertainment, grocery, pets, household goods and consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, auto dealerships, auto parts and services, apparel, hardware, sporting events, retirement communities, hospitality and travel, and many others. VISIT Local customers include agencies, brands, retailers, out of home and media/entertainment companies.

Improve campaign performance and win more business.

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