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Announcing mParticle and Reveal Mobile Integration

November 18, 2016 by Reveal Mobile


We’re excited to announce that mParticle selected Reveal Mobile to provide support for location data services and Bluetooth beacon detection.

Reveal Mobile joins a list of elite analytics providers that integrate seamlessly into mParticle’s solution. Rather than implementing multiple SDKs, mParticle customers deploy one SDK into their app, and then choose which services to enable. With minimal effort, they can now implement Reveal Mobile’s agnostic beacon detection in their mobile apps. This significantly reduces engineering and development overhead, and speeds time to market. One step instantly enables the benefits of beacons, including geotargeting audiences and proximity based push alerts.

From our CEO Brian Handly, “We’re thrilled that mParticle added us to their data platform. We’re in good company. Most importantly, we’re excited to unlock valuable beacon driven experiences and location based mobile audiences for mParticle’s well-known and well respected customers”

Reveal Mobile’s technology for beacon detection is available now to all mParticle customers.