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Announcing Social Direct

April 24, 2017 by Reveal Mobile

audience extension social media Social DirectBreakthrough Mobile Marketing Platform Uses Location-Based Data to Deliver Targeted Social Media Advertising

Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in monetizing location-based audience data, today announced Social Direct, a new platform that enables advertising agencies, retailers and brands to leverage location-based audience data for highly targeted social media campaigns. The company is introducing the platform at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas this week.

Reveal Mobile provides advertisers with permission-based, anonymized data gathered from millions of mobile devices based on public beacons, GPS and WiFi networks. Social Direct enables advertisers to drill down to find the audiences they are seeking who have visited their own locations, competing locations, or who match broad, interest-based categories such as “Coffee Drinkers.” Advertisers can then easily target these location-based audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Google AdWords to reach relevant consumers.

Social Direct is invaluable in expanding mobile campaigns beyond an app publisher’s existing app users. For example, a national retailer may only interact with a small percentage of users who have downloaded the store’s app. However, the Social Direct platform draws first party data from Reveal Mobile’s nationwide database of 40 million location-sharing mobile consumers. These previously unknown customers can now be targeted via their social media platforms for retargeting and user acquisition campaigns.

Advertising to location-based audiences via social media results in click-through rate increases of 151% to 477%, according to Reveal Mobile’s own data. Also, by using the Social Direct data for custom targeting on social media platforms, marketers can realize cost savings between 131% and 636%, according to Reveal Mobile beta clients using the platform.

“Social Direct is the first solution that turns mobile audiences into social audiences, enabling advertisers to reach social media users based on previous, real-world location history,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile. “Not only does it allow companies to find new users to download their apps, Social Direct dramatically boosts advertising performance and reduces campaign costs. It is a major leap forward in mobile marketing.”

Following are key features of the Social Direct platform:

  •     National Targeting – Select from a broad range of location categories to search audiences across the U.S., such as those who have visited Automotive Dealers or Quick Service Restaurants, and add searches for mobile device users visiting branded national chains, such as REI or Starbucks;
  •     Local Targeting – Search by city and then search further by Points of Interest or even a specific address in the selected city;
  •     GeoFencing – Target a search even further by seeking mobile device users that live or work within a 1-, 2- or 5-miles radius of a specific location;
  •     Demographic Profiles – Users can chose from a number of demographic categories as well, including income and education level, home ownership, marital status and more.

Once the mobile ad IDs of a custom audience are matched with the social media users, consumers will see relevant ads matching their interests on their favorite social media site on PCs, mobile web or inside mobile apps.

“Social Direct is what digital marketing agencies have been waiting for,” said Matthew Davis, VP of Marketing, Reveal Mobile. “As the world’s largest source of 1st-party beacon location data, we can provide the physical equivalent of desktop ‘cookies’ for mobile advertisers for the first time.”

“We love the ability to convert location data into mobile audiences, and then make those highly targeted segments available on Facebook,” said Megan McCrea, SVP, AdTaxi Alliance. “Reveal Mobile’s ability to create audiences as refined as individual store visits or to more broadly increase scale is a compelling story that resonates with advertisers, and keeps our partners in the conversation. We look forward to seeing the end result: high-performing campaigns that create more results for clients and more revenue opportunities for sales teams.”

Steven Miller, VP of Digital at Digital2GO, a leading agency in “Context as a Service” solutions said, “We put Social Direct through its paces, building location-based audiences of auto buyers for major auto manufacturers. The campaigns performed so well that a single month campaign turned into a nationwide and year-long engagement for our company.”

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