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Facebook Geo Conquesting and How to Use It In Your Agency

April 26, 2021 by Reveal Mobile

The race to get customers is even more competitive than it was 10 years ago. With online shopping on the rise and shoppers savvy and experienced with buying online, brands need to figure out how they can attract new customers without constantly discounting and incentivizing purchases through reduced margins.

When you understand this, you can see the possibilities of helping your clients attract new customers through geo conquesting.

As you start to map out an online marketing strategy for your clients, you’ll include tactics such as retargeting customers, cross-device matching, and looking for unique ways to get your clients’ brands in front of their ideal audience.

Geo conquesting is a core part of these tactics and can help your clients stand out from their competitors. It can also help your clients win market share.

Facebook Geoconquesting – what is it?

In simple terms, geo conquesting is targeting visitors to a competitor’s business using geofencing. You’re then able to advertise to these visitors on Facebook with messaging that entices them to switch to the client you’re advertising for.

You might do this by offering a more competitive price, highlighting quality, convenience, or overall brand value to the potential new customer. In some instances, acquiring a new customer via a one-time discount can work well using Facebook geo conquesting.

Two types of geo conquesting

Now that you understand what geoconquesting is, it’s important to understand that there are two main types of geo conquesting: direct and indirect.

Direct geo conquesting examples

This type of geo conquesting is pretty straightforward. Every brand and online retailer has direct competitors. To gain market share over a competitor, you can use Facebook geo conquesting to help identify and reach those audiences. For example, Target could target Walmart shoppers and vice versa. 

Geo conquesting is not just for large brands. Facebook geo conquesting can work well for small businesses, too. For example, if a local sandwich chain hires you to handle their marketing, you could target shoppers who visit other local delis as well as those who pick up from big brands like Subway in the same area. 

Indirect geo-conquesting examples

When it comes to indirect geo conquesting, there are two different types. One is focused on geo conquesting audiences who visit stores that are almost identical to the brand you’re working with. The other type is focused on geo conquesting stores that offer the same product or similar to the brand you’re working with.

Using the sandwich chain example, this might look like using Facebook geo conquesting to target other local food retailers’ customers with special discounts. You could also then target local grocery store customers, too, particularly if they offer sandwiches to go. 

Geo conquesting provides a lot of options for marketing agencies to help their clients attract new customers away from their competitors.

Using Facebook geo conquesting

There are a lot of options for marketers to consider when it comes to location-based marketing. Geotargeting opens so many doors, particularly if the brand you’re working with already understands how and where their target customer shops.

Using geo conquesting, you can target visitors by target location and the physical stores they visit.

The most effective way to use Facebook geo conquesting campaigns is to combine the different types mentioned.

Direct and indirect geo conquesting allows you to run tests and dial in the ROI on these types of campaigns. Combined with retargeting and other marketing strategies, geo conquesting provides your clients with a unique edge over their competitors. Ready to steal business from your competitors? Get your free demo of VISIT Local to see how our geofencing audiences can help you increase your advertising performance.