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A Facebook Custom Audience Case Study

A Facebook Custom Audience Case Study

When Graham Media’s digital sales team at WSLS partnered with a mattress manufacturer, they built out a thoughtful and strategic marketing plan across many different platforms, but they were stuck on one component. How could they find consumers that were actively shopping for a mattress at retail locations, and then reach those users online where they frequent most: Facebook. By leveraging Reveal Mobile’s Visit platform, they were not only able to find this audience, but the campaign results exceeded their expectations.

Challenges to Overcome

The digital sales team at WSLS, a Roanoke, VA based television station and Graham Media company, worked diligently to understand the client’s needs. The end goal was to sell more mattresses, but as a small business, brand awareness and thought leadership were at the forefront of the marketing campaign. They had a great story tell, and wanted to ensure that story reached the most relevant audience, ensuring the best return on ad spend. The campaign faced the challenges of educating the consumer, building brand awareness, and finding an audience that is actually in the market for mattresses. Not only did they want to retarget visitors to their own retail locations, but also audiences seen at competitive locations.

While there are services that allow this type of targeting on desktop websites through cookie tracking, they turned to Reveal Mobile to help them find this audience across social media and mobile apps.

Building a Solution Together

The mattress manufacturer’s main selling point is the upper-tier quality of the mattress and lack of toxic chemicals. Everyone involved understood the importance of creativity in any ad campaign. As a result, they would showcase their brand and emphasize the quality of their product through educational and entertaining video segments. These short videos highlighted easy ways to become educated about the mattress buying process, and what buyers should look for when making such a long-term purchase.

Facebook custom audiences

WSLS then turned to Reveal Mobile to help find their target audience on social media. In order to find that target audience, they used the Social Direct product to build location-based audiences that visited not only their own locations, but also locations of their competitors in the target market. By identifying an audience of consumers actively visiting mattress stores, they built a highly relevant target segment.

Social Direct makes these audiences portable, allowing any advertiser, agency, or sales team the ability to upload the data as a custom audience to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. The ad operations team can then continue to build the ad campaign as they normally would, using the custom audience delivered from Social Direct.


The end goal was to sell more mattresses, and the campaign exceeded expectations. The manufacturer was able to attribute 4 additional mattress sales to the campaign.

The campaign engagement saw a 160x improvement over the industry average desktop advertising click-through rate (CTR). This campaign achieved a 3.3% CTR compared to the standard 0.02%, a 160x improvement. The 3.3% CTR also bested the typical social media CTR of 0.90% by 266%.

Most importantly for the sales team, WSLS was able to increase the value of their offering and thought-leadership with the client. By providing a targeted audience, they commanded a premium on their pricing.


“I absolutely love the Social Direct product. It gives us a unique position in the market and and allows us to bring innovative and high-performing solutions to our customers.” – Ashlee Chambers, Digital Sales Manager

“Having a solution that allows us to compete with Facebook, Google and even now Amazon for local ad spend is critical for our digital sales team. We have to bring new ideas and capabilities, and Reveal Mobile help us stay relevant and deliver the results our clients demand. – Catherine Badalamente, VP Digital Media


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