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Whitepaper: Foot traffic attribution and the digital marketer

Foot Traffic Attribution and the Digital Marketer

Foot Traffic Attribution ties ad exposure to real world behavior, quantifying the impact of digital and out-of-home advertising on in-store visits. Easier said than done. Digital marketers — whether they work at an agency or a brand — have long struggled to assess the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns when it comes to driving foot traffic.

In this whitepaper, Reveal Mobile discusses why foot traffic attribution can be so hard to measure and shares various ways to solve for it.  This includes a case study featuring a digital agency that measured the impact of display and social media ads on amusement park visits. Lastly, the whitepaper provides steps you can take to advance your foot traffic attribution efforts, no matter your current technology stack or level of sophistication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why foot traffic attribution doesn’t have to be difficult
  • Read how a leading digital agency solves for foot traffic attribution
  • Get tips on how to advance your attribution efforts