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The Ultimate Facebook Ads Toolkit

There are three billion people using Facebook’s family of apps on a monthly basis worldwide. That’s nearly 40% of the earth’s population. Advertisers spend about $17 billion on Facebook ads each quarter, which amounts to 80% of all social media ad spend.

Facebook accounts for a massive amount of ad spend from businesses across all segments and sizes, but knowing how to get started and how to manage a successful account can be a challenge for digital marketers. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive, all-in-one Facebook advertising toolkit. Here, we’ll go over how to:

  • Use Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Set up your Facebook advertising account.
  • Run your Facebook as a part of your marketing funnel.
  • Measure your Facebook advertising results.

Plus, we’re including Facebook advertising benchmarks, a tool you can use to see how your results measure up against the competition.