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Webinar: How agencies and brands advertise effectively during an economic downturn

How Agencies and Brands Advertise Effectively During an Economic Downturn

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During a downturn, ad market dynamics and ad buyer behaviors shift. Amidst these changes, history and data tell us that consumer brands should continue to advertise. Forward-thinking marketers can continue to drive growth even while headwinds are at their strongest. But how do you make sound decisions when the risk level is high?

The key is to break down the advertising process into parts — audience, message, creative, offer, media buying, measurement — and maximize each one. This webinar covers how to do that, providing practical and actionable guidance for each part.

Listen to Insight Media Labs and Reveal Mobile as they dive into how you can make smart, growth-focused advertising decisions in this challenging consumer market. This webinar is designed to help you accelerate through the turn and emerge stronger.