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Pitch and win new clients using insights about their customers even they don't have
Eliminate wasted ad spend and get better campaign results (hello, media mark-up)
Learn the recommended geofencing marketing management fee
Deliver real business results, and move beyond clicks, likes and shares

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Geofencing Marketing & Location Based Audiences

Digital marketing agencies everywhere are innovating. The best digital agencies are innovating and growing.

Geofencing marketing not only allows your agency to maximize ad spend by bringing the most precise targeting to your clients’ campaigns, it also helps your agency pitch new clients. Download the whitepaper to learn the full spectrum of geofencing marketing strategies to use in serving clients and growing your agency.

Leading the way for our clients

The customizability, flexibility and affordability of VISIT Local make it a great fit. We’re able to build exactly the audiences we need and take them to the advertising platform of our choice. The foot traffic attribution reporting also provides key insights that our clients demand more and more each day.

Nick ten Bensel

Plunge Digital CEO

VISIT Local lets us target our competitors’ customers and stay in front of them for a low cost. This is smart, strategic marketing at its best.

Lane Houk

Brand Equation CEO