Geofencing Whitepaper

Understanding & Selling Location Based Marketing. Learn How To:
Run high converting geofencing campaigns without breaking the bank
Get an easy—but super-effective—process you can use to show value & sell geofencing services to clients & stakeholders
Understand audiences & technology so you can quickly get up-to-speed and take advantage of location data

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Geofencing Marketing & Location Based Audiences

The idea of geofencing & location-based marketing isn’t new, but understanding and effectively selling location-based audiences for mobile geotargeting remains a challenge for most agencies and digital sales teams. Advertisers and brands are also faced with a myriad of tools, jargon, and technology which makes what should be a straightforward process more complex than it needs to be.

In this whitepaper, Reveal Mobile unravels the technology behind location-based marketing and geofencing mobile advertising, how to visualize and understand it, and how to effectively buy and sell these audiences. Topics include:

  • Establishing a baseline of technology and terminology
  • Who provides location-based audiences and where to find them
  • How to understand, sell, and buy location-based audiences, told from the experts themselves, including a unique case study.

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The customizability, flexibility and affordability of VISIT Local make it a great fit. We’re able to build exactly the audiences we need and take them to the advertising platform of our choice. The foot traffic attribution reporting also provides key insights that our clients demand more and more each day.

Nick ten Bensel

Plunge Digital CEO

VISIT Local lets us target our competitors’ customers and stay in front of them for a low cost. This is smart, strategic marketing at its best.

Lane Houk

Brand Equation CEO