Reveal Mobile Announces Integration with Google Campaign Manager 360

Raleigh, NC – March 28, 2023 – Reveal Mobile, the geofencing marketing and campaign measurement company, announced today a new integration with Google Campaign Manager 360 (GCM), enabling Reveal Mobile customers to measure offline conversions attributed to their GCM campaigns.

Large brands and agencies use Google Campaign Manager to orchestrate their programmatic ad campaigns. With Reveal Mobile’s integration, marketers can send location visit events to GCM so they can be counted as conversions and get attribution reporting for their location-based campaigns.

“Reveal’s goal is to give our customers the ability to measure return on ad spend for all campaigns,” said Andy Schrader, Reveal Mobile’s chief product officer. “Now Google Campaign Manager 360 shops can also understand how well their campaigns are driving visitors to physical locations.” 

A national specialty retailer represented by one of the largest advertising agencies in the world are the first organizations benefiting from Reveal’s integration with GCM. The agency manages programmatic media for the retailer’s hundreds of brick and mortar locations across the U.S. 

Using Reveal Mobile’s integration with GCM, the agency is able to measure devices that visited the specialty retailer’s brick and mortar locations. These location events are uploaded to GCM each day, where conversions are recorded in GCM by matching to the devices that were exposed to an ad. GCM then optimizes ad delivery for creatives and campaigns that optimally drive offline conversions.

To learn more about how Reveal Mobile’s geofencing platform helps multi-location retailers drive incrementality and eliminate wasted ad spend, contact us.