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Reveal Mobile Hires Ad Tech Veteran Andy Schrader as Chief Product Officer

September 11, 2015 by Reveal Mobile


We’re pleased to announce that Andy Schrader joins the Reveal Mobile team as our Chief Product Officer.  Andy brings with him 15 years of digital ad tech experience, having built and led product teams across multiple companies.  He most recently oversaw the real-time bidding and data infrastructure technology stack for Appia, which was recently acquired by Digital Turbine.

Brian Handly, Reveal Mobile’s CEO says that “I have had the opportunity to work with Andy both at Accipiter and at Microsoft, and I’m incredibly excited to be able to work with him again. He brings a wealth of strategic product knowledge which is extremely relevant to our current and future product path.”

At Reveal Mobile, Andy will lead the development and strategic direction of our mobile audience platform.  The end goal, and our mission, is to provide media companies and app publishers everywhere with incredibly powerful mobile audience data.  This levels the playing field as they compete against the mobile giants.  Andy’s expertise in mobile ad tech fits perfectly with this lofty goal.

Andy, what was it that interested you about Reveal Mobile?

I’ve had the pleasure of working in ad technology throughout the various trends and cycles. From basic platform growth to aggregators and ad networks and most recently working with mobile and programmatic buying on the ad exchanges.

Reveal Mobile is exciting because I see a great opportunity to be on the leading edge of the next evolution in ad technology. Finding ways to bring information about a device’s surroundings and physical location into the decisioning process is an exciting step.

Are there still opportunities to uncover in mobile advertising?

Figuring out how to engage with users on mobile devices in ways they find relevant is still something that needs to be worked out. There’s a lot of unrealized opportunity for mobile marketers to engage with users on mobile devices. A device’s context in the world around it is a critical piece of this puzzle.

What headwinds are media companies facing with mobile advertising, and how can we help?  

Their primary challenge remains staying relevant with advertisers, who grow increasingly sophisticated with each passing month.  Advertisers don’t care on which screen their audience spends time, they simply want to reach their audience anywhere.  That increasingly means mobile, as it consumes a growing share of “time spent” each day by an audience.  There is an opportunity to meet and surpass the current ‘conventional’ audience attributes that describe who a user is with information that describes where that user is and what their intent is.

A great example of this is the upcoming election cycle.  By providing media companies with the ability to deliver mobile audiences based upon party affiliation, propensity to vote, and voting district, we’ll empower them to have their most successful year in digital advertising.

Helping publishers meet and exceed advertiser needs on mobile is a huge opportunity for Reveal Mobile, and one we’re all excited to tackle.

Welcome, Andy!