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StepLeader Launches Reveal, a Mobile Audience Analytics Platform, Along With DoApp Partnership and Platform Sale

March 16, 2015 by Reveal Mobile

Raleigh, NC, March 13, 2015

StepLeader announces the sale of StepLeader’s mobile app platform to DoApp, and a new partnership between the two companies. StepLeader also launches Reveal, a new mobile audience analytics platform, to help publishers understand and monetize their mobile audience. DoApp will leverage this audience data in their apps to improve mobile monetization and to build more relevant products and features. StepLeader’s current app customers have been informed of the change, and will migrate to the DoApp app platform.

Both DoApp and StepLeader are innovators in delivering industry-leading mobile products to media companies. These new partnerships cement DoApp’s place as a leader in mobile development.

“Stepleader has been pushing mobile innovation long before we existed. The Reveal mobile analytics product is just another example of how they are dialed into local media and understanding the user, says Wade Beavers, DoApp’s CEO. “Gaining a new approach to audience habits and mobile revenue with Reveal, along with receiving an excellent roster of customers; we get the best of both worlds.”

“We’ve witnessed the meteoric rise of mobile consumption first-hand”, states StepLeader CEO, Brian Handly. “This partnership with DoApp allows us to pursue an incredible opportunity in mobile while providing our current customers with a new home, DoApp’s talented team, and some of the best mobile products available on the market today”.

“We’ve maintained a great relationship with the DoApp team for years, despite being direct competitors. They have proven their ability to deliver engaging mobile products at scale.”

The Reveal product is the world’s first audience analytics platform utilizing the growing network of beacons installed across the United States. Reveal’s patent-pending technology discovers, locates, and classifies beacons. As a device navigates the real world and comes in contact with beacons, Reveal builds targeted, anonymized audience segments based upon this offline behavior. The product uses other data signals such as traditional lat/long and a device’s installed apps to build a 360 degree view of an audience’s real-world and digital behavior.

“One of mobile’s biggest challenge is bridging the gap between engagement and revenue,” remarks Handly. “The internet giants succeed in mobile because they understand their audience better than anyone else. Our goal is to level the playing field for app publishers everywhere. With our unique approach, we empower mobile content producers with rich data about their mobile audience.”

DoApp joins on as a premier partner during the private beta testing period of Reveal. App publishers interested in pre-registering for the public beta can sign up at, which launches in Spring 2015.

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