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The 2016 Reveal Mobile Recap

December 6, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile is growingThe year 2016 goes down as a great year for Reveal Mobile. When we launched officially in October 2015, we had key partners on board. Sinclair Broadcast Group and Capitol Broadcasting saw the vision, and we still had ample room for growth. We spent the bulk of 2015 behind the scenes, building our location based targeting product for mobile app publishers.

As we reflect back upon the last 12 months, the team made big strides.

Revenue – one of the most important metrics for any new company to measure.

We grew monthly recurring revenue 2200%, with our revenue per user increasing 881%.

The devices with Reveal Mobile’s technology on board via one of our customers’ apps grew 150%. The number of beacons we were able to detect and place on map also grew 150%. You can see many of those beacons at

The rapidly expanding user growth, along with improvements to our SDK, led to a 620% increase in the amount of location based events we collect. These events occur when an opted-in location sharing user opens their app and shares location data, or when they bump a beacon.

Despite this massive increase in data, the engineers managed to decrease our infrastructure costs by 545%. Excellent work, team.

We also grew our key data partnerships from 4 companies to 17, including heavyweights like BlueKai, PlaceIQ, xAd and many others.

Finally, we owe our investors a note of thanks. They invested $1.25M this year to enable us to continue pursuing the mission of creating the world’s most accurate mobile location data. Thank you. More great things to come in 2017.