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What you can do with this audience

May 4, 2020 by Reveal Mobile

This blog post provides guidance for audiences available in VISIT Local Free. Try VISIT Local Free.


Now that you have seen the foot traffic to the locations you care about and have your custom audience of mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) from VISIT Local Free, here’s what you can do with them.


First, a few things about the file you have

The audience you just downloaded is a CSV file of privacy-compliant mobile ad IDs, the anonymous identifier of smartphones you can use to target ads. Whether you run ads on social media or have a partnership with a demand-side platform, almost every ad platform accepts MAIDs for audience building and targeting. Here are some of the ad platforms your MAIDs can be uploaded to:


How you can use this audience on social media

All of the major social media sites enable custom audiences, which are created using MAIDs: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Snapchat; TikTok; Pinterest; and LinkedIn. These articles explain how to upload your CSV of MAIDs to build a custom audience on each social media ad platform.

For more information about using custom audiences on social media, check out our whitepaper “Social Media Advertising: How To Use Custom Audiences”.  


What about Google Ads?

No. Google Ads does not accept any third party data and does not allow advertisers to build custom audiences.  Search engine marketing, aka paid search, is structured around keywords and user intent rather than serving ads to pre-defined audiences. However, Google Marketing Platform, also known as DV 360, does accept custom audiences, including your CSV file of MAIDs.  


A Few More Things to Know

  • Your audience may be used for 30 days after you download it. To keep your audience relevant, as well as to comply with our privacy standards, you should refresh your audience once a month. If you want to refresh your audience, talk to one of our sales reps who can get you set up with VISIT Local.
  • When you upload your list of MAIDs to a social media ad platform, you can expect a match rate between 60% and 85%. In other words, somewhere from 60% to 85% of the devices in your list of mobile ad IDs can be associated with people who have a social media account.