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Why Reveal Mobile Acquired Mira

October 5, 2021 by Reveal Mobile

We’re Democratizing Marketing Attribution

Reveal Mobile’s acquisition of Mira brings us ever closer to fulfilling our mission to democratize attribution for out of home, geofencing, and location-based marketing campaigns, by removing the frustration marketers and media buyers experience when trying to prove the business value of paid media investments. Why is that important? Because it helps marketers eliminate wasted ad spend.

Whether marketers are running traditional, place-based, digital, or mobile out of home ads, Reveal Mobile’s attribution capabilities, enhanced through Mira, make marketers’ jobs easier by letting them measure audiences who visit any brick and mortar location after being exposed to OOH media. Now marketers can have full confidence in the results of their OOH investments and make the channel fully attributable to driving in-store visits and sales.


We’re Solving A Persistent and Expensive Problem

For all of the brilliant creative and copywriting consumers are exposed to every day, a marketer’s ability to know what happened with consumer audiences they targeted just doesn’t match up. In the era of an overcrowded mar tech LUMAscape, it’s hard to understand why marketers haven’t been able to run consumer-focused campaigns and understand how many in-store visits those campaigns have generated.

In the out of home market, marketers have been doing exactly that, using the innovative and authoritative measurement methodology developed by Mira. Single-handedly, Mira has redefined what’s possible in outdoor campaign measurement and attribution.

When it comes to out of home ad buys, more often than not, assumptions take over and derail a measured approach to marketing. Without Mira, marketers have not been able to prove results with OOH the same way they have with digital channels. Success is wholly based on access to high quality and authoritative attribution. That’s what Mira brings to the table. Now marketers can justify the commitment to the highly valuable customer acquisition channel that is out of home. 


We’re Delivering New Value to a Demanding, High-Growth Market

What we’re particularly excited about is that this acquisition creates the first ad tech platform that will provide attribution for online-to-offline, offline-to-online, and offline-to-offline geofencing marketing campaigns. That means that marketers will be able to get accurate and actionable attribution reports for campaigns such as:

  • social ad views to in-store visits
  • OTT ad views to car dealership visits
  • OOH views to website visits
  • sporting event attendance to app installs
  • display ad views to restaurant visits
  • OOH views to in-store visits

These are just a few of the paid media investments that Reveal Mobile is making more measurable with Mira, increasing the value ad agencies, retailers, media and entertainment companies, and brands get from their relationship with Reveal Mobile. 


We’re Cut from the Same Cultural Cloth

Our acquisition of Mira is a direct extension of Reveal Mobile’s core values.

  • Have a bias toward action. In this case, the action is getting OOH measurement and campaign attribution right.
  • Be collaborative. This is the fuel for integrating Reveal and Mira. We all know who we work for: marketers.
  • Be optimistic. This comes from having a clear goal, a practical plan and the resources to make it happen. We have them so we can provide marketers with the confidence they need in their ad spend.
  • Be transparent. Nothing says transparent like an authoritative and actionable attribution report. 

We’re excited to work with the Mira team to give marketers greater confidence in the results of their digital and outdoor ad spend, making them feel even prouder of their compelling and brilliant creative work.

As we integrate Mira’s capabilities into Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Local platform over the next several months, marketers everywhere will be the beneficiaries of greater attribution insights across a wide range of geofencing marketing initiatives. Thanks for coming along on the journey.


Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile