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Location Is Your Greatest Asset.

Use it to your advantage.

We help app publishers and media companies extract the maximum value from their location data. Our patent-pending agnostic beacon detection and location services create accurate and precise mobile audience segments. These form the foundation for sophisticated location-based targeting and creative advertising solutions. A simple user interface controls it all.

We process billions of unstructured location data points from beacons and GPS signals. Using patent-pending algorithms, we turn this raw data into valuable audience segments.

500,000,000Beacon forecast for 2021
1,250,000Daily beacon bumps detected
430Apps with our SDK
6Patents filed

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Mobile privacy is important to you, Your audience and Reveal Mobile

  • Location data only collected for opted-in users
  • Beacon / Bluetooth signals only collected for enabled and capable devices
  • The Reveal Mobile SDK respects “Limit Ad Tracking” feature on both iOS and Android
  • Mobile Marketing Association committee members: Location, Location Data Accuracy, Mobile Privacy
  • Plain English privacy policy publicly posted

For a complete overview of our privacy methodology, download our Mobile Privacy Thought-Leadership whitepaper

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Integrating “a few lines of code” only takes a few minutes, but sophisticated developers know there’s more to it. Testing, QA, submission, and app store approval all take time. Sinclair Broadcast Group manages over 150 apps. Their development team went from SDK integration to app store approval in one week.

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