Reveal Mobile launched in October 2015. Today we serve media companies, app publishers, advertisers, agencies and their data partners. We help them use location to serve location-based content, to create targeted location-based audiences, and to inform business strategy and decisions.


Our team’s expertise spans decades of ad tech experience, sales & marketing, product development, and mobile, with 9 startups under our belts.

Brian Handly

Seasoned entrepreneur, investor, father, husband, and avid runner

Michael Benedict

Idea generator, passionate, father of 2 boys, plays hockey, loves life

Andy Schrader

Agile product manager, foodie, beer snob, and family guy

Matthew Davis

Entrepreneur, IoT fan, father of twins + 1, outdoor enthusiast

Tim Solt
VP Business Development

In mobile since the beginning, Steelers fan, Charlotte strong

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