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Case Study: Geofencing Advertising to Win New Customers and Gain Market Share

June 29, 2020 by Reveal Mobile

Using VISIT Local to target highly relevant audiences at a lower cost.  Case study powered by VISIT Local.



Brand Equation is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with multi-location businesses that want to dominate their market – locally or nationally. Specializing in omni-channel, multi-touch digital marketing strategies, the agency needed a way to reach more high-intent audiences while keeping advertising costs down.



Paid social is a key part of the advertising mix for brands that engage with the agency. Brand Equation routinely builds custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram to reach and convert consumers in retail, home furnishings, fitness, and print and ship stores.

The agency turned to VISIT Local from Reveal Mobile to build targeted, highly addressable audiences for its digital advertising and Brand Conquesting™ campaigns for its clients across all of these industries.

“VISIT Local is ideal for campaign strategy,” said Lane Houk, CEO and Managing Partner of Brand Equation. “It’s got the audiences we need for our clients, and it’s got the foot traffic insights we need to win new business.”



Campaign Results

Houk’s team uses VISIT Local audiences to get better results in all of their digital marketing efforts. Click-through rates for the agency’s display ad campaigns using VISIT Local audiences are significantly higher than industry averages.



The Brand Equation team also uses VISIT Local to retarget audiences they want to win over from competitors.

The location-based audiences from VISIT Local perform better than website visitor retargeting in terms of click-through rate, CPM and cost per click. In fact, the cost per click for the VISIT Local audiences is about one-third the cost of the audiences for search retargeting.



“VISIT Local enables us to cover the entire spectrum — from brand awareness to performance marketing,” Houk said.


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