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Capitalize on Last-Minute Holiday Advertising with Location-Based Marketing

October 31, 2018 by Reveal Mobile

Typically the majority of advertising budget has been committed for the holidays, but in many cases there’s a race to spend the year’s remaining budget before January rolls around. The challenge is making sure the money is well spent on the target audience, and with enough scale to deliver. We’ll explore a few ideas on how to reach location-based audiences with holiday budget, as well as looking ahead the new year.


Last Minute Holiday Audience Ideas

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Internet Retailer predicts that total retail sales in November and December 2018, excluding fuel and cars, will increase to $719 billion this year, up from $681 billion last year. For the agencies and brands that are trying to make the most of the final push, consider these ideas.

Retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, West Elm and LuluLemon will do sizable business online, but the majority of their business will come through in-store sales. They, and every other brick-and-mortar retailer, want more qualified foot traffic. Build location-based audiences that visit their locations, whether in a specific city, state, region, or nation-wide.

Reaching shoppers that visit competitive locations is also a great way to advertise to a relevant segment while also boosting audience size. Finding the audience that frequently visits shopping malls is also a great approach for relevancy and scale.

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